TIIM (pron. /team/) is a technology company based in the greenest heart of The Netherlands.
What we do

TIIM Technology creates solid IT solutions in the form of top of the line software, inventive and indispensable middleware, and creative hardware designs.

Our team consists of professionals with years of experience developing software, web-based applications, user-friendly and efficient back-end systems, and creating unique, eye-catching websites and website designs.


TIIM takes great pride in their meticulous work ethics. After all, building top quality software and middleware that fits the wishes and needs of our clients in a manner that we can truly be proud of is the true ambition of a passionate developer. We go above and beyond to perfect our products and solutions before they reach your hands, computers or systems. Our creative designs are made with your exact wishes in mind, designed to fit your established image or to give you a spectacular new one.

Meet our tiim

Three people with one love, coding the world together.

Mike is the creative genius of TIIM. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for effortless design, he is the brains behind the face of any successful TIIM project.


Tim is the master developer of TIIM. Creating the backbone of TIIM projects may be his forte, finding out-of-the-box solutions for complicated problems is his true calling.


Stefanie is the wordsmith of TIIM. Whether it is through the Dutch and English language or by creating web content with PHP, she always dots the i's and crosses the t's.



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